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Make your car shine from the inside out

MotoryzacyjnaPasja is the place where we have been passionately creating unforgettable car stories for 8 years. We are no ordinary workshop – we are automotive story craftsmen for whom each project is a unique work of art.

We start our process with an in-depth analysis and discussions with the vehicle owner. We are committed to understanding the personality of each car in order to transform it into an individual story, where the driver becomes the narrator.

We strive for a combination of luxury, superior quality and unlimited possibilities in the creation process. Every detail matters to us and the end result is not just a simple modification, but a handcrafted masterpiece.

We are proud to emphasise that we have earned the trust of true automotive enthusiasts. Our designs not only testify to our expertise, but become an active part of car history.


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What makes us special?

With more than a dozen years of experience in the automotive field, our company has an excellent understanding of the diversity of customer needs, which translates into perfect execution of each project.

Our long-standing commitment to the automotive industry is not only experience, but also a tradition that we cultivate. We insist on the highest quality workmanship, using renowned materials and components from global manufacturers.

Our joy is your satisfaction. For 8 years, we have been creating cars and unforgettable stories with passion and individuality. When you choose us, you get not just a service, but a partner ready to make your automotive dreams come true.

Our offer



Tuning is a revolution in style, where every detail takes on an individual character, making your car a unique expression of personal passion behind the wheel.


We offer a comprehensive selection service and bespoke production of rims, where precision, style and an individual approach guarantee that your car will gain a unique character on the road.

VAG Group Service

VAG car servicing is dedicated care, where specialists look after every aspect of your vehicle, ensuring precision, quality and maintaining the highest standards characteristic of VAG brands.

BMW Service

BMW Service is your guarantee that your BMW is entrusted in the hands of experts, ready to provide the highest quality service and attention to detail to keep your brand's excellence at the highest level.

Mercedes-Benz Service

Mercedes-Benz Service w is not just about routine servicing, but a commitment to maintaining excellence, where experienced specialists look after your vehicle while maintaining the elegance, performance and prestige of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Examples of projects

Audi A5 Sportback 2020

A5 Audi Sportback 2020

RC 200T Lexus

Golf R MK7 MK7.5


BMW 3 F30

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